About Us
Larchmont Strategic Advisors was founded in 2005 by Edward E. Berger,
Ph.D. to help life sciences companies deal effectively with the challenges
and opportunities posed by the coverage and reimbursement
requirements of public and private payers and a rapidly evolving
healthcare regulatory and policy environment.  A skilled communicator
with a special talent for presenting complex technical material to non-
technical audiences, Ed is an expert analyst of the legislative, regulatory,
and economic forces that affect health care industry stakeholders. A
creative strategist and coalition builder, he has built a long track record of
successful management of reimbursement and other health care public
policy advocacy programs
(See Ed Berger's resume here).

LSA has provided reimbursement analysis and strategy development
consultation to a variety of clients developing new technologies in fields
including neural monitoring and neuromodulation, gastrointestinal
surgery, severe pulmonary dysfunction, mechanical circulatory support,
cardiology, clinical laboratory testing, and personalized medicine.  In
addition to reimbursement and related regulatory services and public
policy analysis and advocacy, LSA’s expertise extends to all forms of
strategically sensitive corporate communications, research ethics and
patient protection, and corporate compliance programs.